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  • Volunteer with Shalom Green! Email to get involved!
  • Save the date! Shalom Green is participating in Temple Israel's Yom Gemilut Hasadim, Day of Committing Acts of Loving Kindness on Sunday, January 20, 2019.

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  • Check out the JPOD podcast about Shalom Green and  our exciting initiatives. Click here to take a listen!
  • Check out the December issue of the Charlotte Jewish News for Shalom Green’s article.

Who We Are



Shalom Green is a group of Jewish community volunteers dedicated to promoting an understanding of Jewish environmental values. Shalom Green is united in its commitment to sustainability and is energized to take meaningful action to preserve and protect Creation.



The mission of Shalom Green is to educate and mobilize members of the Charlotte Jewish community on environmental issues and Jewish values related to sustainable living and protecting the planet.


  • REDUCE the carbon footprint of Shalom Park facilities
  • MAINTAIN the Shalom Park Community Garden 
  • EDUCATE the community about environmental issues

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Shalom Park Environmental Initiative

C/O Foundation of Shalom Park 5007 Providence Road, Suite 102 l Charlotte NC 28226